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What direction is the airflow of my blower?

Different combinations of shaft orientation and direction of rotation can change the direction of airflow.

To determine the shaft orientation of your blower, look at the blower from the drive end where the drive shaft protrudes from the main body. If you need further assistance with deciding the orientation of your blower, check out this post which has some photo examples.

Vertical Airflow: Right Hand Shaft: Clockwise Rotation: Top Inlet 



Vertical Airflow: Left Hand Shaft: Clockwise Rotation: Bottom Inlet


Vertical Airflow: Right Hand Shaft: Anti-Clockwise Rotation: Bottom Inlet


Vertical Airflow: Left Hand Shaft: Anti-Clockwise Rotation: Top Inlet


Horizontal Airflow: Top Shaft: Clockwise Rotation: Left Side Inlet


Horizontal Airflow:Bottom Shaft: Clockwise Rotation: Right Side Inlet


Horizontal Airflow:Top Shaft: Anti-Clockwise Rotation: Right Side Inlet


Horizontal Airflow:Bottom Shaft: Anti-Clockwise Rotation: Left Side Inlet


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