Hick Hargreaves 4000 / 4200 / 4300 Blower

We sometimes get Hick Hargreaves 4000 & 4200 range of 2-lobe blowers and the 4300 range, 3-lobe blowers through our works which may go on our shelves.

Available to service exchange or hire only.

As these blowers are obsolete with spare parts becoming unavailable coupled with being temperamental machines; these blowers are becoming more difficult to get hold of and stock as reusable blowers.
If you require a replacement for your Hick Hargreaves blower, we can provide you with an alternative blower to meet your specifications.

If you would like an up to date stock request on these blowers or would like us to find you a suitable replacement, please contact us.
Please state whether the replacement you require is a 3-lobe or a 2-lobe blower.

Image shown - Hicks 4243 - for illustrative purposes only.

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