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This blower troubleshooting guide is designed to assist our customers. We have outlined below some common blower problems with their possible causes and remedies.

Problem Note Possible Cause Solution
Low Capacity 1 Blower speed too low

Check belt drive for slippage; adjust if necessary.

Check speed and compare with performance chart.

  2 Excessive pressure

Check inlet vacuum and discharge pressure; ensure protection valves are correctly set and operational.

Check there is no obstruction in the pipeline, see note 3.

  3 Obstruction in piping Check piping, filter, relief valves, isolation valves and silencer to assure an open flow path.
  4 Excessive Slip

Check internal clearances for excess ware.

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Excessive Power Consumption 5 Blower speed too high Check speed and compare with performance chart
  6 Pressure too high See notes 2 & 3
  7 Unbalanced or rubbing impellers

Inspect outer casting for hot spots.

Check drive alignment (couplings and belts)

  8 Blocked inlet filter

Clean or change filter.

Contact S and A Engineering for replacement filter elements.

Excessive Heating 9 Incorrect or inadequate lubrication Confirm correct oil specification and restore correct lubrication levels in gearcase
  10 Excessive pressure See notes 2 & 3
  11 Drive mis-alignment Check and realign
  12 Blower speed too low see note 1
Vibration or Noisy Operation 13 Drive mis-alignment See note 11
  14 Unbalance or rubbing impellers See notes 7 & 19
  15 Worn bearings and gears

Replace worn bearings and gears.

Contact S and A Engineering for blower repairs.

  16 Loose motor, blower or pipework. Check and re-tighten bolts where loose.
Blower Seizure 17 Pressure overload See notes 2 & 3
  18 Mis-alignment See note 11
  19 Build up of foreign material

Clean off foreign material.

Contact S and A Engineering for blower overhaul.

Drive Shaft Breakage 20 Excessive or overhanging load.

Change or repair unit, contact S and A Engineering for assistance.

Check drive pulley dimensions.

Realign and tension.

Change drive configuration.


Blower Maintenance and Inspections

Whether your air blower needs a general overhaul, needs worn parts replacing or if your blower has completely seized and you need it repaired, we can help.

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